We Tried Spiderman Stunts In Real Life! (PS5)

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The PS5 Miles Morales game is out! So Quin and I decided to compete against each other replicating different parkour challenges from the game. The winner received a PS5 at the end!

Huge credit to Nick Pro for making the original video and therefore giving us this idea! He’s amazing at parkour and flipping, check out the links below after watching our video to see him do the stunts wayyyy better than us, lolol.

⚡️ Stunts From Spider-Man: Miles Morales In Real Life (PS5):

⚡️ Stunts From Spiderman PS4 In real Life (Parkour, Marvel)

⚡️ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Stunts In Real Life (Parkour)

⚡️ Nick Pro’s Channel, go subscribe to him after watching the vid!


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