Valentine’s Day Special – The Birds and The Bees!

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Love has some bounds…
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In this Valentine’s Day special, a mad scientist gets more than he bargained for when he tries to manufacture the perfect romantic partner! Love turns to horror. Smiles to tears. This romantic tragedy has it all! To the lonely hearts out there, let this be a tale of caution… Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! It’s scary out there, stay safe.

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Animated by Jon Lopez (
David Kalev-Roy (
Mike Picone (
Collin Bogert (
Pippin Kelly (
Wayne Degen (

Starring George Gould &
Jamie Spicer-Lewis (
Directed by Matt Hargreaves ( /
Written by Matt Hargreaves and Jamie Spicer-Lewis
Produced & Edited by Christopher Bingham (
Foley by David Head (

‘Beaster Bunny’ teaser animated by Franchesca Pun (

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