Unsolved: True Crime • Season 7 Trailer

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Premiering this Friday, Oct. 16th at 3pm PT, Ryan and Shane come back for a whole new season of Unsolved: True Crime!


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Dead body in morgue on steel table.
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SLO MO LD Male abdomen being punched
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Face of fear
perinjo/Getty Images
Hands on the porthole during a gale at sea
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Don’t take another step
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Metal Chain
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Ocean before storm. Water surface. Perfect background.
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Typewriter Close Up Shot
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Killer at night
xijian/Getty Images
Examining murder victim
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Germany little lamb on dike zooms in
Academic Media Network/Getty Images
UFO abduction
Science Photo Library/Getty Images
SLO MO LD Pry bar smashing a glass window
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From the porthole window of a vessel in a stormy sea
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Lighting up the darkness
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
Lightning London Night
Gary Parker/Getty Images
Slowly Rotating Diamond, Close Up.
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sunset through the rigging
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Diamonds On Black Background
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MS, Empty office interior
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