Twin-Turbo Jet Boat Rips the Water! Finnegan’s Garage Ep.96

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Our fourth lake test was a success! After troubleshooting the ignition and fuel systems that plagued our last test session, we finally got to rip across the water at 90 mph and there’s plenty of speed left in this beast once we get the air/fuel mixture tuned perfectly and stop the turbos from trying to melt the fiberglass boat hull. This video has lots of tips about troubleshooting V8 engines and it ends with us having the time of our lives in Game Over, our twin-turbo jet boat.

Note: I live at the lake and nobody was near me when we tested the jet boat. We are staying away from people just like you are, I just happen to be fortunate enough to live in a rural part of Georgia. Anyway, thanks for watching and for liking and commenting on this video. We’ll be back soon with another one!

If you’d like more information about the ultrasonic parts washer that we used on the spark plugs in this video then go here:

Game Over is a 2017 Peterson Placecraft fiberglass Jet Boat hull
It’s powered by an aluminum 711ci Sonny Leonard Hemi with twin Precision 88mm turbochargers. It features CP pistons, Carrillo connecting rods and a Bullet camshaft. T&D shaft rockers and Manley valves and springs are in the heads. The engine and boat is wired completely using and Techflex products. It runs on 118 octane Rockett Brand racing fuel. The efi is from Holley, the ignition is MSD and the jet drive is a Dominator pump built by B1 Racing. I welded the headers from a kit by