Twenty One Pilots – No Chances (Lyric Video)

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Twenty One Pilots lyric video for “No Chances” from the album Scaled And Icy, available now on Fueled By Ramen.

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We come for you,
No chances.

In my house shoes in a foot race,
In this house we got feng shui,
Get the door to blow you away,
Flamethrower, you a switchblade,
Feet planted on grip tape,
With my shoulders squared,
And my back straight,
Got a good base and a loose tongue,
Notorious in the octagon.

We got people on the way,
We want you home in one piece now,
(Run away, run away)
We get bodies every day,
We want you home in one piece now.

We come for you,
No chances.

How’d you get the location?
Put together pieces?
The say they sell the information,
In those terms of agreement,
We spent some weekends on the grind,
Surveillances outside, we see when you arrive,
Ride or die my son.

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