True Facts: BatFishes

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Alex Brett

Alex inspired this episode with his amazing Batfish footage. He just launched his channel in earnest – go and sub!

Barrett Christie

Barrett shared his knowledge with me, and is an expert on fish husbandry. His spawning footage is very rare and shows that batfish spawn in a similar way to some other anglerfish.


Javi has some really amazing videos on his Vimeo account. There is a pretty amazing aquatic collection over on Vimeo!

Ariane Dimitris

It took me a while to track Ariane down but her longnosed Batfish clip in so good!


LiquidGuru is a pro. Just gets such beautiful views into Aquatic life! His juvenile Orbicular Batfish is so well done.

Raymond Powers

Raymond came through with the feeding footage at the last second. It is very rare to see them eat, especially in captivity!

Thanks also to the NOAA, Barry Peters, Nico Michiels,
and Gilles San Martin for the use of their images.

Additional footage under license from Shutterstock.


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