Tips & Tricks for Making Non-Surgical Protective Fabric Face Masks

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JOANN is your one-stop resource for everything you need to make non-surgical, protective face masks out of cotton or denim. This video gives you some tips and tricks for making face masks. These solutions to common questions and problems when sewing face masks will definitely come in handy, like 1) what to do if you can’t find elastic bands 2) how to make fabric ties out of bias tape made from woven or knit fabric or by using ribbon, twill tape or flat trim 3) what to do if elastic loops hurt your ears after extended wear and 4) how to make a nose piece for a fabric mask. This video also gives recommended patterns for making scrubs and gowns. Show your support for the medical community by making masks, or make masks to protect yourself and your family.
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To make a pleated cotton face mask:
To make a shaped denim face mask:
Link to Shop All Mask Making Supplies:
Link to Cotton Fabric:
Link to Elastic:

If you’d like to join our Make to Give efforts by making protective masks to support our medical community, visit or visit your local JOANN store to pick up a free kit of supplies. We’ll even bring it to your car for you!