Time to Change.

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There are many necessary steps that need to be taken to create a more juste and fair world. Showing up at the protests and making your voices heard is a great first step, but showing up to vote BOTH locally and on a state level (where many decisions that affect our daily lives are made) as well as on a federal level, might not be the most glamorous way we create change. But bit by bit, we will find and elect the leaders we need.

We are not running any ads on this video and as of writing this, our clothing line Seek Discomfort has raised over $40,000 for the Black Lives Matter organization.

We highly recommend watching “The 13th” documentary about the prison system in America. It was recently posted for free on YouTube and is an amazing opener of just a small portion of the systemic racism this country experiences to this day:

Drone footage courtesy of @loubaldanzaproductions

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