Three Gorges Dam under enormous stress as heavy rain slams China

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中 최악 홍수…세계 최대 싼샤댐 최고 수위 불과 11m 남았다

The Three Gorges Dam in China has reached peak levels,… leaving just 11 meters until the reservoir breaches its maximum level.
Officials have tried opening the floodgates to lessen the stress on the dam,… but record rainfall this summer has made it a losing battle.
Lee Seung-jae has the details.
With China seeing record rainfall this summer,… the Three Gorges Dam in central China’s Hubei Province saw its second flood along the Yangtze River this year,… and the largest one so far arriving at the reservoir.
As of 8AM, local time, on Saturday,… the inbound flow of floodwater reached 61-thousand cubic meters a second,… while the outbound flow was 33-thousand cubic meters a second.
With the reservoir level having risen almost 12 meters over the past 10 days,… it’s nearing the dam’s design-maximum of 175 meters.
As of Sunday,… there was just 11 meters left.
Across Hubei Province,… helicopters have been working around the clock to dump tons of sand and gravel onto embankments due to fears of the water breaching the river’s banks.
A number of cities and provinces have raised their emergency response level to the highest level,… with more than 38-thousand people in Hubei Province relocating to higher land.
With China bracing for more heavy rain in the coming days,… there’s no telling if the reservoir will be able to hold back the floodwater and prevent an enormous flood.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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