The Next-Gen Space Stations That Could Replace The ISS | Answers With Joe

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The end of the ISS is less than 10 years away. Here’s what’s coming next.
From the luxury space hotels of Axiom Space to the inflatable super habitats of Bigelow Aerospace to future international efforts, these are the places where we could be living and working in the coming decades.

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0.00 – Skylab
2:30 – How we got to the ISS
6:00 – Axiom Space
8:23 – The Chinese Space Station
9:30 – India’s Space Station Project
10:05 – Bigelow’s Expandable Space Stations
12:15 – Nanoracks
14:30 – Blue Origin’s Plans
16:00 – The Lunar Gateway
17:35 – The End of the ISS
19:45 – Sponsor Message