The last episode of the “Life Series”: The life of white radish!一生系列产品最后一个视频——萝卜的一生丨Liziqi Channel

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Make pickles on Minor Snow, and cured meat on Major Snow.
The freezing wintry days summon the lunar new year. Isn’t it the best time to pickle the food you have around!
Pickled mustard tuber, dried white radish, preserved chicken, meat, and sausages…Hang them up!
Do you know how white radish flowers wither and leave their seeds deep in the ground;
And how the little ones sprout and grow up into full, long tuberous roots?
This is the last episode of the “Life Series”,
And farewell to “The life of …”
榨菜头 萝卜干、腊鸡 腊肉 香肠通通挂起来!

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