The Future of Cerro Gordo Is In Danger…

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* here is more context and tips on effective comments:

REMEMBER! BLM has not approved this project or supported it. They are just taking public comments. They are not to blame here, just getting feedback from the public. So please be cordial towards BLM and their employees.

1) Leave a comment with the Bureau of Land Management before August 30th by emailing here: [email protected]

Or use this form (click the green ‘Participate Now’ button to leave comment) :

2) Contact K2 Gold: Stephen Swatton, CEO: [email protected] K2 Investor Relations: US: (760) 614-5605 . Canada: 604-653-9464 .

3) Share this video!

Thank you all so so much. If you love history, the outdoors, and Cerro Gordo, now is the time to walk the walk. We only have until the end of August to submit public comments to the BLM on K2’s proposal, so let’s get them in today!


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