The FUNNIEST Reactions To Eminem’s SURPRISE Oscars 2020 Performance

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Eminem surprised EVERYONE with a performance of his hit ‘Lose Yourself’ at the 2020 Oscars
And I can honestly say, NO ONE saw this coming.
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Okay so, yes, Eminem performed his song ‘Lose Yourself’ tonight at the Oscars. Now. Because this was a surprise performance and… it’s not 2003, many people were caught off guard.

In fact, at the award show, the camera panned over to a few celebrities that shared exactly how they were feeling about this surprise, through their faces alone. Starting off, with Indina Menzel. Who, honestly, just looked perplexed.

Then of course there was Martin Scorsese who appeared to be so relaxed by the performance that he started to fall asleep.

And lastly, there was Billie Eillish and her brother Fineas, who both, similar to Indina, looked absolutely baffled.


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