Testing Viral Tiktok Life Hacks ! Food Hacks, Tricks, Experiments Success Or Disaster?!

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Testing Viral Tiktok Life Hacks ! Food Hacks, Tricks, Experiments Success Or Disaster?!
I have been loving Tiktok recently! I am obsessed with the app and thought I’d try testing viral tiktok life hacks, food hacks, diy hacks, science experiments and magic tricks to see if they work! I love seeing viral tiktok life hacks and I thought it’d be fun to test them out myself to see if they worked or were an absolute disaster! Today I tested the viral tiktok bleached jeans hack, the mcdonalds hash brown hack, the easy bullet journal water colour hack and more!
If you want to see me test more tiktok life hacks or if you’d like to see a “I tried getting famous on tiktok with viral tiktoks” lemme know in the comments!

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My lipstick (shine – 08) :
My mascara :
My foundation :
My glasses :
The fake tan I use :
The fake nails I use :
My favourite nail polish :
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Vlog camera tripod :

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