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Sign the petition to shut down Provo Canyon School:

Provo took away my childhood among thousands of other survivors, as early as 9 years old. While this movement is so personal to me, it is much bigger than just my experience so I urge you to help us survivors make sure no more children suffer at the hands of this systemically abusive institution and the countless others whose doors are open today.

With your support, we will address this national crisis as a community and work to enact measurable change to ensure no child experiences physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of these facilities. To survivors and supporters, let’s prove that our community is stronger than these “treatment” centers. Share your stories, letting each other know #ISeeYouSurvivor as we together aim at #BreakingCodeSilence by uniting to shut down Provo Canyon School and prevent future generations of survivors.

If you were a survivor, family member, or employee at one of these facilities email [email protected] with your experience, any pertinent information, or any feedback you may have.


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