Playing a Game Until It’s All You Can Think About | Thomas Sanders

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What happens when you get so absorbed into a game, you can’t help but imagine yourself in the world of that game? Could it have the potential to completely interfere with your day to day routine?? COULD IT COMPLETELY DESTROY AN OFFICE ENVIRONMENT???

Thank you to all the amazing people who worked on this project to make it happen!

Firstly, gotta give a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who performed in this video!!

Joan S. – Joan
Kathy Byrne – Sheila
AJ Hentges – Greg
Esteban Alvarez III – Mr. Miller
Robert Pigott – Mr. Hendrickson
Cam Foote – Jordan
Quil Cauchon – Lily
Valerie Torres-Rosario – Dorcas
Dalton Cotter – Matt
Helaina Wise
Brianna Fogden
Mike Marin

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Also, a GIGANTIC thank you to Pattycake Productions for helping us film and edit this video!!

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