NFAC returns to Louisville, protest ends early

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It was a march to Churchill Downs and a message to Metro Police.

The NFAC (Not F****** Around Coalition) is back in Louisville five weeks later, on Derby day, urging police to use force from across the fence, but their plans at the track abruptly ended before the race.

“And one of our concerns was we will not allow the NFAC to be sandwiched between protesters and the police.”

That’s was Grand Master Jay said local and state leaders promised after organizing their presence in town.

“If we show up without any announcement, that’s like invading force,” he said.

Grandmaster Jay said protesters were not supposed to be near them at Churchill Downs, something WHAS11 News hasn’t heard from Metro Police.

“So when I saw that happening, somebody changed the game plan so I pulled my coalition out.”

“Protesters aren’t orderly. Protesters aren’t organized. Protesters are emotional. Protesters are destructive where people can sneak in,” he explained.

The group left and made their way back to GG Moore Park where their march started.


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