[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) “Why Not?”

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) “Why Not?”

LOOΠΔ [12:00]

A destiny discovered between coincidence and fate LOOΠΔ has created a wave of change beyond imagination through [#] and has come to realize their true roles; to be pioneers for all of the LOOΠΔs of the world.
To celebrate the New Moon, LOOΠΔ is expecting a new moon to rise. On this occasion, they will hold a Moonlight festival at [12:00], when the moon shines the brightest—a festival where no girl will feel silenced.

LOOΠΔ makes coincidence when destiny collides with fate, and finds her destiny within coincidence and fate to deliver a new message for the Midnight Festival.

‘With all LOOΠΔs around the world’, all of the LOOΠΔs across the globe will always be together, where all are dignified, equal and worthy of freedom.
The united voices of the girls around the world rings loud and clear ahead of the start of the new moon.

Intro for the album which is ’12:00’, it is promised time in the new space, capturing our story of getting into orbit.

The titled track ‘Why Not?’ is an uptempo electronic pop song, with a story of pursuing freedom and individualistic self. The funky and bubbly bass line reminiscent of the Midnight Festival is impressive. The key change in the song, which started with a charismatic introduction, from the chorus to the witty major, it resembles LOOΠΔ who is about to change.

‘Voice’ is an energetic retro song with a low, repetitive beat that evokes addiction. It is meant to enjoy the feelings of love and to venture together in an uncontrollable excitement.

‘Fall Again’ has a story about falling back in love with the one every time fall returns. It is a Pop R&B, a harmonious blend of sentimental vocals and rhythmic instruments by LOOΠΔ. It gives the feeling of the seasonality of autumn abundant.

‘Universe’ is a dreamy up-tempo electronic pop ballad with soft sweltering pads, ambient vocals and steady beat, adding warmth to the beat of love, attraction and temptation with the piano melody, allowing you to feel the song in its entirety.

‘Hide & Seek’ is a cool, bright, poptastic uptempo dance song, which it coolly reveals one’s mind that is not hidden. It is showing confidence to the opponent, like playing hide & seek.

‘OOPS!’ is a multi-groove pop song characterized by a cool, repetitive feeling and Latin undertones. It sends a message that the one will love oneself and live freely without caring about others anymore.

In addition, ‘Star’ which is an English version of Voice, it is aimed at global fans, will be released at the same time, allowing them to enjoy various music sources.

LOOΠΔs [12:00] album — where LOOΠΔ creates the inevitable through the merging of coincidence and fate.

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