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Welcome back to But Better Episode 11! Fret not, you can still have your Wendy’s baconator burger at home, but better, and all it takes is some patience and a little practice. Solid homemade buns, fresh ground beef… the ultimate burger flex.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
The Bun-
2 tablespoons bread flour 20g
2tablespoons water 27g
4 tablespoons milk 60g

2.5 cups 320g bread flour
1tablespoon 9g active dry yeast
1 tsp fine sea salt 7g
1/2 cup milk 120g @ 95f or 35c
1.25tbsp sugar (17g)
3tbsp butter unsalted softened 42g
1 egg room temp
1 egg yolk room temp

Ground beef-
1lb short rib
1/2lb sirloin
1lb chuck

Chive mayo-
1/2 bunch chives, very thinly sliced
3-4 cloves black garlic, pastified
1/2 cup mayo
Salt and pepper to taste
Splash of Chinese black vinegar

The Burger-
Cooked thick cut bacon (4-6 slices per burger)
1/2 pound of fresh beef per (1/4 lb patties)
Cheddar cheese
Smoked provolone
Black garlic chive mayo


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