Lud Foe – Composure (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Durk

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Official music video for Lud Foe’s ‘Composure’ feat. Lil durk

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Director: Mokablu
DP: Malcolm Jones
Editor: William Rubini
Production Company: My little Productions

Official lyrics for ‘Composure’

You fucking with me that’s gon cost you some commotion
I’m getting sick and tired of keeping my composure
I buy a foreign car and drive it like I stole it
Got all this money with me people think I growed it
That choppy bullet hit his whip that bitch exploded
From all my Glocks to all my cars they fully loaded
Still got that Draco just in case you think I sold it
I’m a hot nigga but all my bitches be the coldest

Ol lady keep looking out the window this bitch nosey
We cut ya fingers off and send ya momma roses
I heard the Feds was taking pictures so I’m posing
I got all my jewelry on in this bitch I’m feeling frozen
Pussy nigga hating tryna knock me off my focus
Pulled up in a foreign car your boyfriend drive a focus
We fuck around and poke you if you acting like you holding
I just sent my lil hoe to the store to get some Trojans
Pussy nigga think twice cause they know they ass don’t live that life
Police read me my rights I ain’t going to court I’m booking a flight
Bitch I clean up nice these Givenchy shoes these ain’t no Mikes
Fuck around and lose your life dissing on the internet for likes

What nigga say I ain’t got it first day popping I turn to a addict
Fuck old niggas who told on my daddy
Served the same time what I spent on my Patek
Glock with a switch and it came with a titty
Got it on my own you aint come with a penny
A killer I look in the mirror I’m rocking Amiri apparel
Fucked a rich bitch for a nickel
I ran a few times with the pillows
Know a crip in Cali he cripple
Nigga say they told just a little
If you get too big they’ll kill you
When you speak that pain they’ll feel you tried to give me ten years for a pistol
Take five just meet me in the middle
Pass me a op wood and light it
Take the hellcat slide 290
Better keep your gun they sliding
I put my bitch on a private
Niggas better duck them indictments
In the trenches I hang with the Lions
Pull out your blicky no fighting