IRS Economic Stimulus Checks Update – Saturday April 11th

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This is an update for the IRS Economic Stimulus Checks for Saturday April 11th. This is the latest update of IRS Economic Stimulus Check from the stimulus package and stimulus bill.

Here is the IRS web portal for the people who do not need to file and would like to register to get the IRS economic stimulus checks (SSI Recipients):

IRS Banking Link for people who filed 2018 and/or 2019 tax returns but need to add banking information (to come online this week):

The economic stimulus checks, the best way to receive them is direct-deposit. This is from the stimulus package that was approved earlier in March. Thank you for tuning in and please watch our other videos about the economic stimulus check, the stimulus package, and the forgivable loans, such as the PPP loan, and the EDL loan, and all the tax credits within the stimulus package. We hope you enjoy this update about the IRS economic stimulus checks and the IRS simple tax return.

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