I have something really big to announce.

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I made a course platform!!! ?
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#slowgrowth credits ?
Creating Slow Growth Academy would have never been possible without a dedicated group of freelancers, creatives & badass human beings…

• Mark D’Avella is our tech and operations wizard ?‍♂️ (yes… my big bro!)
• Natalie Pidding created the @slowgrowth Instagram account from scratch and helped with nearly every aspect of building Slow Growth Academy.
• Taiga Fukuyama is our assistant editor that organized over 3,800 clips to prep me for editing.
• Luum Studio designed our epic website.
• Tara Jacoby created the beautiful course illustrations & animations.
• Lina Cordero is our @slowgrowth social design.
• Eric Swartzwelder & Jardeson Rocha came through to help us with additional design & animation work.
• Stefan Kunz created the hand lettering on our Giant Leaps print.
• Thanks for crazy detailed feedback from Jason Zook, Caroline Zook, Michelle D’Avella & Megan D’Avella.
• One Acre Fund Footage was shot by Kellogg school of Management Alumni spotlight series

And thanks to you! I wouldn’t have been able to create Slow Growth Academy without you guys all showing up to watch my videos every week. I hope you find that this helps you on your journey.


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