I Broke An iPhone 12 To See How Tough the Ceramic Shield Is!

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Honestly, I didn’t expect the Apple’s newest screen to be that much tougher.

Not sure we need screen protectors anymore…

Here are the numbers, forgot to make a table for the video:

Force Test
iPhone 11 – 352 N
iPhone 12 – 443N

To press down the extra ~100-ish N’s on the iPhone 12 took quite a bit of effort. Based on this value, the iPhone’s screen is tougher than most screen protectors I’ve used.

Scratch Test
-The iPhone 12 had better scratch resistance on the front by a bit. My #7 pick didn’t leave the same scratches as the iPhone 11
-Back scratch resistance is the same as the 11
-Camera Len’s are the same (both scratched with my #8 pick)

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