How Dream redefined MINECRAFT content

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Andrei Terbea – Lead Animator

Stefan Popa – Assistant Animator

Nicoleta Toader – Producer


Spring Gang – “Delusional (Instrumental)”

Joakim Karud – “Loudness & Clarity”

River Fox Croft – “Chicken Got No Head”

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Over the past year Dream went from 1000 subscribers to over 10 million subscribers, revolutionizing and redefining the Minecraft community with series like Minecraft Unsolved or Minecraft Manhunt. It all started with videos about Pewdiepie’s Minecraft seed, and it turned into original, highly entertaining content in a genre that was considered to be oversaturated. Today we take a look at how he did it, in an attempt to draw some helpful conclusions for anyone who wants to pursue a similar path, whether on YouTube, in Minecraft, or anywhere else, because the same principles apply everywhere.