Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Showcase: Wii Funkin’ (Vs. Matt) [2.0 UPDATE]

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THIS MOD IS CRAZYYYYY!!! Who knew it would have harder songs than before and even recharts lmaoooo. I wonder if there’s gonna be a wiik 3 for Matt in the future, but only time will tell lol

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Light-It-Up (w/ Dialogue)
2:11 Ruckus (w/ Dialogue)
5:21 Target-Practice (w/ Dialogue)
8:14 Victory Screen Wiik 1
8:28 Sporting (w/ Dialogue)
11:26 Boxing-Match (w/ Dialogue)
15:00 Victory Screen Wiik 2
15:07 Outro

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