Dr. STONED | TeamFourStar (TFS)

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Doctor, doctor, give me the news! I got a bad case of dubbin’ you. Dr.Stone here to make you feel good.

#DrStone #TeamFourStar #TFS #Parody

Written by Kirran Somerlade & William Grant Smith
Animated by Stephan Krosecz
Editing and Sound by Scott Frerichs

Marc Swint as Narrator
Kirran Somerlade as Qwarty, Kelvin
Grant Smith as Dr. Stone (Brick,) Snobby Woman,
Jin as Girl, Dr Stone (Female)
Tyler Coy as Foxius
Stephan Krosecz as Suit 1
Jacob Quinn as Suit 2
Christopher Zito as Suit 3
Scott Frerichs as Suit 4


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