Did Dream Fake His Speedrun – RESPONSE

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Did Dream Fake His Speedrun – RESPONSE , I’m sure a lot of you have been waiting for this…

This video I go over a recent video made by the Speedrun Mod team that claims that the odds that I got a series of drops over the span of a week is 1 in 7.5 trillion, and therefore came to the conclusion that I must have cheated. This video is meant to refute these claims. I encourage everyone to watch until the end, especially if they watched the original video.

In this video we hear from a statistical expert with a PhD that wrote a 19 page analysis on what the mods did wrong. I also disprove some of the claims made in the original video. All relevant information should be viewable below.

Although I would have loved to attempt to refute the math myself, I suck at math and would have looked like a complete idiot. So, that’s where an expert comes in.

Expert’s Report & Analysis –

World File –

Tutorial for viewing level.dat, go to , and upload the “level.dat” file from the folder there. You can see the raw contents on the right, and an easy to use GUI on the left.

Jar File –
This can be decompiled using a “Java Decompiler”, but the modified dates can be verified on your computer.

Thank you to Willz for giving a statement in this video.

All revenue made from this video is being donated to the Minecraft Java Edition Speedrun Mod Team in order to fund development of an anti-cheater speedrun client.

Generally, speedrunning is a past time of mine and is a lot of fun. I mostly look forward to the funny moments with my friends, and the challenge that it presents for me.

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