Deleting My Youtube Channel

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Well my youtube channel was deleted! It wasn’t exactly my best moment as I managed to delete my own youtube channel by falling for an incredible scam from someone posing to be an official youtube employee. Naturally I wasnt the only channel affected by this recent wave of youtube scams and youtube exploits. The legendary anti scam lord @Jim Browning was also caught out by this elaborate ruse you can check out his video “My channel was deleted… HOW?” for more details on this scam.

As always videos and exploits will continue in good time. We are still planning a youtube live stream to celebrate my birthday later in the week and we will also be making videos on many more youtube algorithm glitches that we uncovered over the last few weeks. August is going to be a very busy month! But here we have it the spiffing brit is back and soon we will have a lovely montage of more youtube tips!

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Title: Deleting My Youtube Channel


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