Cinderella Medley by Todrick – Starring Brandy

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Executive Produced, Directed, and Choreographed by
Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall

Victor Garber
Paolo Montalbán
Jason Alexander
Bernadette Peters
Veanne Cox
Whoopi Goldberg

Produced by
Gary Matthew Ryan

Cinematography/Co-Directed by
William Tanner Sampson

Edited by
Colin Duffy

Special Effects/Animation by
Shawn Adeli

1st AC
Jonathon Medina

Key/Brandy Ballroom Make Up by
Nicole Faulkner

Storybook Artwork by
Michael Trujillo

Dance Captain
Jenni Thomasson

Jenni Thomasson
Taylor Rose Walker
Amber Wright
Julia Anderson
Jasmine White
Rebecca Galarza
Stormy Gaylord
Michaella Page
Watkins Smith
EJ Lewis
David Paul Kidder
Jeffrey Koch
Jonathan Sison
Tyler Rowe
Marcus Wooling
Alexander Fost

TJ Dawson
Adam Ramirez

Brandy Movement Supervisor
Frank Gatson

Brandy Daytime Make Up
Gaby Torell

Brandy Hairstylist
Jackie Martinez

Brandy BTS
Will Sikora

Brandy Vocal Production
Sy’rai Smith
Noah J

Brandy Management
Ryan Ramsey

Dancer Hairstylist
Kimmie Blackhall
Assisted By
Faith Hill

Dolls By
Carl Folkerts
Anthony B. Ramos

Cinderella Dress By
Thomas Ogden
Apprentice to Thomas Ogden
Krystal Green


Mixing and Mastering
Andy Barnes

Background Vocals
Tiffany Mann
Ashley Morgan
Amber Thompson

Production Assistants
Watkins Smith
Lisa Goddard
Stuart Rial
Brooklyn Younkin
Tiffany Mann

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