Buying New Polaris RS1 and Crashing it!!!

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Buying New Polaris RS1 and Crashing it!!!

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In todays video we set out on a short road trip to purchase our very first Polaris Rs1 we got it used for a really good deal. We bought the Rs1 to surprise our friend Big Ken with it for his birthday and also because we haven’t gotten him something to thank him for everything he does too… and also cause we wanted one at the shop hahaha. We rip it around our neighborhood for awhile and then take it out on the snowmobile trails in the ditches to see how the suspension handles. Very quickly into that Micah Rolls the Polaris Rs1 crashing it. Luckily there was no damage. Ben then tests his New Ford Raptor’s offroad capabilities by taking it on the same trails that we had our RS1 on but the raptor was too heavy and ends up falling through the snow and getting stuck lol. Comment down below what you would like to see us get on the new RS1 and also if you read all this comment “Get a turbo for it”