Black Panther Beatbox Solo 2 – Cartoon Beatbox Battles

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————————————-Black Panther Beatbox Lyrics——————————–

You can’t stop me
You’re too cocky
Little rodent, you will give up this fight
Because black Panther back all right!
Oh my God he’s whack again
Let’s not play dumb and not pretend
He says cares about all his friends,
But they’re Never around when he’s at the end,
are you a stupid mouse? (yeah)
You need to shut your mouth, (yeah)
Nintendo bought you out, (yeah)
He’s da fastest thing around but Under water always drown,
So everybody, (yeah)
Forget his party (yeah)
Your girlfriend’s naughty,
We had fun last night,
’cause Black Panther’s Back, Alright!
(Beatbox Freestyle)
“Black Panthers back, alright!!