Behzinga Takes On The London Marathon | How To Be Behzinga

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Behzinga’s decided to run the London Marathon but in between training and pulling a fire engine with just a rope, he also has to figure out how he’s going to run 26 miles without going to the bathroom. Forget coming in at number one; how’s he gonna deal with a number two?

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0:00 My Biggest Challenge – EP Teaser
1:00 Meeting Mummy Behz
2:05 Opening up about my Childhood
5:57 I am running the London Marathon
6:16 How I got Fit
8:19 How to run a Marathon
10:32 My Big Announcement!
12:39 Finlay’s Story
14:34 I pulled a Truck with Eddie Hall
21:17 COVID ruins my plan – EP2 Teaser