Balcony Conversations – Quarantine

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Hey guys how’s everyone doing? Good? Me too. So good. So so so good. Swamped actually. Gotta get back to all that biz I gotta knock out right now but thought I’d swing by the description to say what’s up and answer some questions beforehand that I’m going to assume you’re asking. You’re probably thinking, “Yo, where’s the final four episodes of season 3 of real bros of simi valley?”. That’s a great question. Thing is, I got corona like a month and a half ago. No joke, I had it, I’m totally fine and didn’t have many symptoms except for losing taste and smell but yeah, gnarly. Still can’t smell very well which is low key annoying but I got those antibodies homie. So does Christian, he definitely got it from me because I didn’t know I had it for like 3 days (my bad Christian). Anyways.. I obviously couldn’t go into the edit bay after that happened to finish the final four episodes and then shortly after, Los Angeles went into a full lockdown and we had to pause post production due to everything non essential shutting down. Going to finish them as soon as we can. Hopefully that’s sooner than later but we can’t really give a date right now. So there’s that. You also might also be like, “what have you actually been doing during this #quarantine?”. That’s such a good question. Sometimes the day ends and I don’t even know what I did all day. I bought a Nintendo Switch from some guy in a parking lot that Christian recommended which was cool. I’ve also been drinking a lot of wine and wearing nothing but sweatsuits. Did a puzzle last week, bought some legos. Finished the first four seasons of the sopranos and watched every dumb reality show that’s come out on netflix in the last two months which is an accomplishment in my opinion. Been writing here and there. Christian and I finished writing another show like a month ago so I figure that’s enough actual productivity to last me at least 3 months in quarantine time. You also might possibly be thinking, “where have you been?? you haven’t made a youtube video in like a year”. That’s a terrible question and you must not know how to use google. If that’s the case, I can help. Go watch Bad Education which just came out on HBO, watch season 3 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley on Facebook Watch (final four episodes coming asap), go watch my episodes on Tacoma FD, stay tuned for King of Staten Island coming out on June 12, stay tuned for The Now coming out on Quibi in mid may and then I’ll keep everyone posted with the stuff I can’t talk about yet on Instagram or Twitter. Cool? Cool. Not sure when we’re gonna make another video on here but who knows, it might be soon. It also might not. Today is Monday right?