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Use code GIBI for 30% off your purchase at !!! Did anyone catch the stream yesterday!?!?!

I got to play Among Us with such a wild crew I actually am still recovering LOL. If you want to watch the vod, the crew was Pewdiepie, MoistCritikal, Summit1g, dakotaz, Logic, xQc, adept., Trainwrecktv, and Lirik! NOT ASMR lmao –

So this all coincided SUPER well, I was already planning on making an Among Us video after our ASMR stream ( and here we are! I hope you enjoy! You’ll probably pick it up pretty quick, but you are the secret second impostor GAINING MY TRUST while I do tasks! Good luck…..

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my lovely friends who voiced in this!!! Please check them out!!
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