[Artist Of The Month] ‘River’ covered by ITZY YEJI(예지) | March 2021 (4K)

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[Artist Of The Month] ‘Bishop Briggs – River’ covered by ITZY YEJI
[Artist Of The Month] ‘Bishop Briggs – River’ covered by 있지 예지

춤선, 비주얼, 눈빛까지 완벽한 갓예지✨
흡입력 장난 없는 퍼포먼스에 또 반했지?
(1:15) 머리카락까지 춤추는 프로 아이돌

* Original Track : Bishop Briggs ‘River’
* Choreography: Monroe Lee
* Performance with Nini, Moana, Soltuff, Anna co, Vara, Eunbyeol Jo
* Next episode will be revealed on 27 March. Don’t forget to Tune in!

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