Apple’s M1 Mac is not what you think…

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The first Apple Silicon Macs are here sporting the new M1 SoC. What does it mean for Macs today and into the future? Let’s find out!
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At long last, Apple has finally announced and will soon be releasing Arm-based Macs based on Apple’s new “Apple Silicon” family. This new chip, the M1, is based on the A14 and makes its way to the MacBook Air, 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and Mac mini. Specs are vague and performance is yet to be determined, but if Apple’s slides are to be believed, this chip design and these machines are just the beginning of a hugely important transition for Apple and computing in general. But let’s go beyond what Apple said in the keynote and dive into some of the nuance behind this new Apple Silicon M1 chip.


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