ALL the PROPOSAL DETAILS | Bailey & Asa BTS Engagement Vlog

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So many of y’all asked for the BTS “Behind the Scenes” of what went down leading up to the proposal! Luckily Asa and the family vlogged the entire thing so we can show you all the planning prep that went into it. Special thanks to for providing the ring and sponsoring this video! What was your favorite part of this video? COMMENT BELOW!

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In the lead up to our actual #weddingproposal, Asa planned everything out to a “T”, he diary vlogged the whole process… including how he picked out, customized, ordered and received the #engagement ring (SO BEAUTIFUL). Asa also filmed the process of asking my parents’ and Brooklyn’s permission (he was so nervous lol), and also shares how he coordinated with our families and friends for when and how to propose to me, what cover story he told me to throw me off, and the day of prep work with our large extended families to make it all happen!

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Some of y’all thought I had been part of planning everything, or knew what was going on, but I LITERALLY HAD NO CLUE it was going to happen that weekend! Brooklyn knows me so well, and took charge! Asa and my family put a ton of effort into making sure I was surprised, including uploading fake IGS stories from other locations that weekend to throw me off, and it definitely worked.

What was really cool was having Brooklyn, the best twin ever and my lifelong partner in crime, helping take video and pictures, and making sure that I was at my best for such an important day! It meant the world to me that she was there! I LOVE HER!

Special thanks to everyone in our families and friend groups who helped along the way, and to all of you for being SO EXCITED for us! Stay tuned at the end to watch me BAWL my eyes out while watching our engagement video for the first time… it had over 5.6M views in the first week, and at least 5.5M of those were probably me!

What was your favorite part of this video? COMMENT BELOW!

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