10 Games That Aren’t Really Games!

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Wassssup errbody! Have you ever hung out with friends, while still being bored at home, and needed something to do, but didn’t have anything to do? Yea, me too tbh, lol. But, that’s alright cause were gonna get through this together and I already know what you’re asking…how Michael? My mom wont give me a ride to go somewhere, or my mom wont let us leave the house cause shes evil, or she wont give me money so we can have fun *rolls eyes*. All good broski! The boys and I gotchu. We checking out 10 games that aren’t really games, in other words, 10 games that you can play without actually buying the game, lol. Let us know in the comments which game you would play with your friends or if you’ve already wasted your money like we did and bought the game from the store….RIP!


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