Thessaloniki Waterfront Skiing

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After failing to heat the pipes and being without water for a fourth day the best idea seamed to go for skiing.
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Special thanks to :
– Giannis Bouklis for the drone shots
– Steve Ketner, one of the best filmakers in Greece for asssisting with the shoting
– George ginis for skiing like a champ
– Stergios kokorotsikos for driving the rocco
– Spyretos 220s for driving the ATV

Being in a city without water, without heat and even without power, in a city that was paralized from the snow we desided to forget the problems stay dirty and head out to have fun. I think you are going to love the video since we felt as kids on their first Christmas when we were making it. Besides it was for all of us the first time we ever had seen so much snow in our City. We hope to make you at list the 1/10 happy of what it made us while shoting it.

Songs : O Come All Ye Faithful (Instrumental) – provided by heroboard, Behind closed doors – Otis McDonald