RENGLE – China (Official Video)

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Composed by Vladimir Coman Popescu
Lyrics by Vladimir Coman Popescu, Rengle, Vlad Oancea Alexandru
Arranged by Roton Music Publishing, HAHAHA Production

Mix & Master: Mircea Moldovan
Styling: Kraxy Rabbit

Director: Bogdan Paun – NGM Creatives
DOP: Alexandru Muresan – NGM Creatives


I was born in the mountains where the sun sets low
Never knew anything but bread and snow
My family was saying I’m a little slow
But then they found out I know jeet kune do

Small town dreamer I was aiming high
Always wanted to see how they live in Shanghai
Saved all my money for a long long flight
Lookin out the window as I wave bye bye.

Lookin out the window as I wave bye bye.

Wanna see how they do, how they do in Shanghai

I’m in cha-cha-cha-cha CHINA!

Sun is up and Suan SUANNAI
Left it out on summer time
Throwing up that ROUSONG pie
This how I do, how I do in Shanghai

This is how I do, how I do in Shanghai

I’m in cha-cha-cha-cha CHINA!

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