Part 2: Investigation, Ouija Board (PARANORMAL)

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We’ve come BACK!!
If you guys saw part 1, you’d know that we came here and the door kept slamming by itself, and we also heard footsteps coming towards us.

Link to Part 1:

We came to try and debunk the slamming door or gather more evidence that it was paranormal, and we attempted a Ouija board.
We DID experience paranormal activity during the Ouija board, so watch for that.

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PS: again, this video has an edited intro, and I have adjusted volume, brightness, and added text to highlight things. I have also cut bits out so that its not a 2 hour video, I show you the main highlights of the investigation. But that’s it! No staging or faking, no adding noises or special effects or any of that rubbish.

PSS: I’ve tried to improve the quality of filming as much as I can with my camera, sorry about the panning speed, still keep forgetting to pan slower :p

Thanks and Enjoy 🙂