NEW – 3 Year Old Romanieo Jr., Advances in Particle Physics: What’s The Matter?”

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This is the first in a set of videos focused on science. Many early education programs (Head Start, Educational Day Cares, etc.) focus on early literacy and basic math skills; these are indeed important building blocks, however, we have come across none that focus on science. Science is everywhere, from the composition of the air we breathe, to the chemical elements that comprise the foods we eat, that in turn make up our very bodies. And science is the driving force that will ensure the success of the American economy, and provide for the future world that these 3 and 4 year olds will inherit. Why not prepare them from the beginning? From “the cradle to college” is what many educational systems and educators are now stressing as the key to success, but when you wait to teach science until 6th grade or much later, you have lost their early curiosity for understanding how the universe formed and how their very bodies contain the same elements as the stars in the sky.

We would like to start the conversation about adding science to the curriculum from the VERY BEGINNING. We talk about children being born as natural scientists, experimenting with everything they can get their hands on. Now, let’s create the tools to teach them science at the earliest ages, and in turn, teach ourselves about the latest advancements that have changed our understanding of the universe as we know it.

Think it’s impossible, or simply too difficult to get a young child to understand physics and chemistry? Take a look at our video of our three year old son (now 4) and get a sample of what we are prepared to offer educational systems who are willing to support new and innovative educational strategies that will yield results that can be seen for years to come. We are interested in building a pipeline to start at pre-k extending to the 12th grade to ensure that all children are prepared to be productive contributors to society. We hope you will join us in this effort.

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