ICG: Girl falls to death from rooftop of college building, dies : Watch Video

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A girl, identified as Aditi Sanghi, was killed when she fell from the rooftop of the International College for Girls (ICG) building in Mansarovar’s SFS area on Monday.

The girl was training ICG girls on zip-line riding and rope climbing with the help of his father Sunil Sanghi who the police said is a trainer when the mishap occurred, officials said. Many girls who were on the rooftop with her watched in horror as she fell down, while another girl was on the cable sliding from one building to another connected by a cable.

The girl, Aditi, was part of a group of girls who were undergoing drills of zip-line riding, rope and mountain climbing in the morning. The girls were standing on the rooftop. One girl after another was descending from the rooftop on the zip-line.

READ FULL STORY HERE : https://goo.gl/5RZwrB

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