Dragan Bender 15 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

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It took a while, maybe longer than people expected, but Dragan Bender has finally put up a “good” offensive game for the Suns. No conditions, no gotchas, no ifs. Just a straight-up good game scoring the rock for “Very Soft Player”.

He did it all, pretty much. Is this what Suns fans thought they were getting when they got him? Because they’re getting it now. Three pointers, driving layups, putbacks, and a LaMarcus Aldridge-esque one-dribble turnaround that gave me a chub. Bender apologists keep bringing up how he “plays the right way” and “does the little things”, but now he “does the big things”, meaning he actually scores the ball once in a god-damn while.

But however impressive this career-high performance was, it is still fewer points than Tyler Cavanaugh’s career-high.

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