Dario Saric 17 Points Full Highlights (1/16/2017)

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The 76ers, Dario Saric included, are in imminent danger of being engulfed entirely by their flashier rookie, Joel Embiid. When people will think of the 76ers, they will think of Embiid and nothing more; the two will be equal in the public’s eye. It’s already happening right now. A few Euros care about Saric, some people still remember that Ben Simmons is coming back soon-ish, but other than that, it’s all Embiid. His personality is simply overpowering that of his more low-key teammates.

Well, I still care about Saric and Stauskas and Randle (10 points is pretty close to highlights…) and all those other dudes, even if everyone else has eyes only for The Process. I still like the collection of talent in Philly, if only because it is made up mostly of scrubs and role-players.

I can acknowledge that Saric did some impressive things against the Bucks tonight, scoring in a variety of ways. He also grabbed some boards and made some passes, passes that lead to buckets by his teammates and thus were recorded as assists. That deep three he splashed caused me a brief moment of anger, admittedly, because of how much of a line drive it was and how it went in and the Bucks lost again oh my god I’m so mad. So mad. Argh.

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