A Man Found This Strange Lump On His Palm. Then A Scan Revealed Something Heartbreaking

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From heart palpitations to shaky hands, we all have moments when our bodies move without our control. Still, these sensations tend to pass quickly without raising any alarm bells – except in the case of a 27-year-old man in Canada, who couldn’t ignore what was happening.

A spot on his hand hurt and throbbed so much that it drove him to the emergency room. Doctors examined his palm and determined that it – and a slew of other symptoms – signified that something much worse was going on.

For six weeks prior to his hospital visit, the man in question had suffered a laundry list of ailments. He had experienced a fever, sweat through the night and felt such a drop in his appetite that he lost 26 pounds. And then, there was the bump on his hand.

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