10 Actors Who QUIT For The Best Reasons

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Acting is a tough industry. Those of us in “normal” jobs probably don’t appreciate just how tough it is, because we imagine it to be all glitz, glamour and 24/7 luxury. But the fact is it comes with a lot of pressure, a lot of criticism, a lot of hard work and some very long hours, and that can result in things becoming too much for actors to handle. That can, in turn, result in actors quitting. Whether they quit midway through a particular role or just outright quit acting, a number of stars have abandoned their careers for a variety of reasons. In this video, we’ll run you through a few examples. Here are ten popular actors who bailed halfway through…


Jake Lloyd | 0:47
Dave Chapelle | 1:26
Omar Sharif | 2:15
Jean-Claude Van Damme | 2:58
Peter Ostrum | 3:32
Harry Shearer | 4:10
Taylor Momsen | 5:05
Chevy Chase | 5:36
Greta Garbo | 6:25
Hayden Christensen | 7:10

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